Eastward Bound: An Update on Migration & Trafficking of Kachin Women on the China - Burma Border

August 2008 (published in English and Burmese. Version in Chinese soon to be released)

Eastward Bound cover

Driven Away: Trafficking of Kachin Women on the China-Burma Border

May 2005 (published in English, Thai, Burmese and Japanese)

Driven Away cover

Shayishanan Newsletter Published twice a year. Latest edition September 2008 (articles in Kachin and Burmese)

Audio CD by Anti-Trafficking Program, Amyu Shayi Ni Shawng Lam De. Download audio clips of Track 1, Track 2 and Track 12. Full album available for purchase, please contact us.

Prat Ninghtoi Anti-trafficking awareness-raising cartoon book February 2007 (published in Kachin).

Driven Away leaflet 2005 (printed in English).

Amu Shayi Ni Shawng Lam De February 2008. A CD of songs in Kachin about human rights abuses.